Points Sharp Steel, Inc

Tool Sharpening and Sales of New Equipment


Established 1992

Meet Our Team

We are a small, family owned company that has been in business since 1992. We are committed to keeping our customers happy and pride ourselves on being the most knowledgeable sales and service company in our area!

Diana - The person who answers the phone and knows more about breaker steel than anyone you will ever meet!

Diana is the main contact for people who call in. She can pretty much figure out what steel you need without seeing the actual jack hammer, which saves you time and money. She is also the main customer service rep and even customers that Michael and Don see on their routes will call and talk to her. Diana has been with the company since the beginning in 1992!

Michael - Truck driver for our routes who also knows a lot about breaker steel ~ just not as much as Diana

Michael is our main delivery driver. He drops off the sharpened steel and picks up the dull steel for our customers. Michael is also very knowledgeable about new items and suggests things our customers need. He has been here since 2000 and we are lucky to have him!

Don - Delivery driver who’s been with us since the beginning! Almost knows as much as Diana

Don has the same responsibilities as Michael except he is not on the road as much. He founded the company in 1992!

Jeremy - Blacksmith extraordinaire!

His work ethic and attention to detail allows him to work efficiently and his craftsmanship is second to none